career paths

team member

Team Members are responsible for delivering Jamba’s exceptional Service Standards by being knowledgeable, efficient and providing an energising guest experience. Additionally, Team Members should be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of all Jamba product nutritionals and clearly communicate this information to both the guests and store team.

shift lead

A Shift Lead is responsible for leading and managing shifts while acting as manager in charge of store. When leading a shift the will deploy team members as required to meet business demands and make necessary staffing decisions. Shift Leads ensure that the team members working the shift are effectively working with our guests to ensure their visit at Jamba meets all their needs.

assistant general manager

An Assistant General Manager (AGM) is responsible for the overall shift-level operations, guest experience, sales performance and execution of brand excellence in a store. They are also responsible for assisting in the growth of annual sales and profit of the store. In the absence of the General Manager (GM), the AGM effectively is the store leader. AGMs ensure that the store’s appearance as well as each team member’s performance is to company standard and are also responsible for consistently educating and engaging the community and store guests on all of Jamba’s products and services. An AGM with the GM make up the core management team for their store.

general manager

A General Manager assumes complete responsibility for all aspects of store operations, with a primary emphasis on providing an exceptional guest experience, improving sales performance, and upholding brand excellence. The General Manager's chief objective is to maximise both sales and store profitability. Achieving this objective requires fostering a culture of exceptional guest service through the growth and development of a capable team, including store Team Members and Shift leads.

training store manager

Training Store Managers (TSMs) are responsible for delivering all the functions of the regular General Manager at Jamba at the highest level. TSMs set the example for other GMs in the system and are responsible for training new General Managers so they can take over their own stores.

district manager

A District Manager (DM) is responsible for leading, challenging and coaching sales volume, store operations, COGS and labor for a District of stores with the purpose of maximizing sales and profits, and maintaining consistency throughout the District. The DM must maintain an exceptional level of guest service by developing a strong management team focused on guests’ experiences and impressions, quality of staff and initiative to successfully handle service issues.

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